Get awesome 3d models for free now!

Yes, you’re not dreaming, this is true! For quite some time, I wanted to add this section to my page and now it came to life. I have decided to share some of my 3d models for free. The main goal for this, is to provide people with good quality 3d models, for free, so they can study them or use as reference. All models will be in obj format, for much better support. To view these models, you can use pretty much any 3d graphic software or game engine. I will be posting not only low poly models, but  high poly ones too. Packs will include: model in obj format and texture maps.

If you do not have one, you can download for free: Blender 3D

So, start browsing around and perhaps you will find something useful.


Low Poly Tree

Stylish low poly tree model, made in blender, with dand painted textures.

Low poly Boat Pack

Game-ready models. Pack with 3 different boats, all low poly. Each boat has a twist, to make it unique.

Low Poly Hydrant

Urban style low poly hydrant model. Made this one back in 2011, however, it still hold on nicely!

High Poly Container

Clean high poly container mesh, good for rendering or as base for low poly model. No textures or UV map.