Fallout 4 assets: The Ripper Update

After few hours, I corrected the scale and now it looks much better. The one handed weapon is back lol.

I corrected several things, to get to this stage:

  1. Removed second handle – The handle made it look like two handed weapon and too similar to chainsaw.
  2. Scaled up gas tank lid – I scaled it, so it fits in character hand. Took the handle as reference, 1/2 of the size.
  3. Scaled up bolts/screws
  4. Corrected vale/piles – Remodeled the whole fuel system. Made it slick and compact.

After all fixes, the weapon looks really like Fallout 3 version, with next-gen look. Check it out:




This was one of the last big steps, before polishing up. So, here are the last updates, that I did.

Updates that I made:
1) Finished handle system
2) Polished few shapes (added polys, remade wire)
3) Finished chain
4) Modeled inside parts (engine)




So, that’s about it, high poly mesh is done and I will start working on low poly mesh. Stay tuned for more updates.