Hi everyone!

I’m back with another WIP topic. This time, I will take one of my favorite melee weapon from Fallout 3 and remake it, with new school techniques and graphics. I chose the good old: Ripper. Basically, the idea is, remake the weapon and add some extra detail to it, after-all, the game is 7 years old.

First things first, I collected Fallout 4 reference pictures from google. Here they are:
game_art_fallout_3_ripper_weapon_assets_electrocactus_kaspars_pavlovskis fallout_4_assets_electrocactus_kaspars_pavlovskis_low_poly_game_art_models_3d fallout_3_ripper_electrocactus_low_poly_assets_3d_models the_ripper_fallout_3_assets_low_poly_melee_weapons_game_art

As I mentioned several times, I am really busy the time, so this probably will take some time to finish. Anyhow, stay tuned and check out my progress. I will post some 3d pictures, as soon as I start.


Did some quick modeling today. The main idea was, to get all proportions right and shape. I added few extra parts, that could look cool and makes sense. I was thinking, how the weapon works, if there is no gas tank or battery lol. I guess Fallout makes kinda left it to players imagination… So, here it is, quick mesh.


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