2015 Sketchfab Halloween Contest

Low poly halloween scene

I decided to enter the 2015 Halloween contest, hosted by Sketchfab.

When I decided that I will participate, I instantly knew, what I wanted to make. Basically, no default things like: adams family house, skeletons and so on. I went 180* on the whole contest and made robot, with slight twist lol. Unfortunately I did not win, however I made an awesome low poly, hand painted scene for portfolio. In the end, it’s all about being active.

Good news, my model was featured in IA Magazine roundup.

What is low poly?

So, what is low poly model? It’s a polygon mesh in 3d graphics, that consists of small number of polygons (triangles). Main difference between low poly and high poly models, low poly models usually are used in real-time rendering applications. For example, games and simulations. Term ”low poly” describes mesh construction and appearance. Polygon count is extremely important for optimization and performance, the lower poly number, the better.

Nowadays, low poly is a loose term. Gaming world has evolved so much, from PC to consoles, to hand-held devices. On each platform, low poly count is different and can be too much for other platforms. For example, low poly on PC will be almost high poly for device. Usually, low poly models are somewhere between 1k – 20k polys.